Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Adventures of RAT GiRL Store!


See anything you like?

If you are a Fan of The Adventures of RAT GiRL, then you may help yourself to a free T Shirt or Keyring of the favourite character of your choice! :-)

One size fits all blogger sidebars!!!

Or, if you'd rather just window shop and go home with nothing today, well that's ok too!...

But I can't promise that RAT GiRL wont come after you!!!


For The RAT GiRL Fans!
RAT GiRL T Shirts!

RAT GiRL Keyrings!

RAT GiRL Grafitti!

(Thank you to Trub for creating this as her appreciation to RAT GiRL!)
Bless ya! xx

For The Giggle Fans!
Giggle T Shirts!

Giggle Keyrings!

For The Keithy George Fans!
Keithy George T Shirts!

Keithy George Keyrings!

For The Dr. C:) Fans!
Dr. C:) T Shirts!

Dr. C:) Keyrings!

We will even arrange custom made merchandise especially for you! If you have any requests, just leave Keithy a comment! :-)

Thankyou for shopping with us...
Feel free to come back again... we will be getting new stock in each time a new charater is introduced!

Have a Ratastic day!!! :-)

24 people give a Rats Arse!:

Vi said...

I guess I'll have to come back then!

VBF! said...

Aunty Vi - LMFAO How can you say no to a face like that! :-P xx

trublmaka said...

Oh!! FFS! And here I was thinking there was something to read!! FFS bloody RG! I'll give YOU something to SHOVE up YOUR arse!!
(j/k) lol!
See you sooooooonn!!!

Giggle! said...

Trub - *GiGGLeS* you're just as bad as her ffs! :-P xx

Anonymous said...

And, so it begins.....

(all I have been able to think of for theme songs is the theme to Hong Kong Fuey - "Hong Kong Fuey, number one super guy./ Hong Kong Fuey, faster than the human eye." But then it just occurs to me, Rich Girl by Hall and Oats.... "She's a Rat Girl, so don't fuck around cause you know she won't let you get away...")


Giggle! said...

C:) - LMFAO!!! Hey how the heck do you link in comments???? xx

trublmaka said...

Craig THAT is IDEAL!!!!

There u go RG! You're theme song has arrived!

Giggle! said...

Trub - C:)s a witty bugger aint he! :-) xx

Anonymous said...

I've done it to myself... I can no longer hear that song with singing "She's a Rat Girl..." C;D

and I will email you on linking in comments. C:)

Giggle! said...

C:) _ I tried to open the link, but Keithy was being a stubborn shit! So I'm yet to have a squiz!!

Thanks for the link details :-) xx

Fat Controller said...

I'm tempted NOT to come back just to see if you will make good on your promise...errrr...threat!!!

But then I'd miss the next thrilling instalment.

(the word verification I just got is 'idwult'. Strangely enough, that is the name of my pet hamster.

Giggle! said...

Thinny - LMAO!!!! Thats so funny!

But I didn't think I had word verification!???

*GiGGLeS* xx

Ron said...



And I LOVE Nitebyrd's bunny in there...that's a HOOT!

You are so talented, dear lady...TRULY!

AND I look forward to many more reads!!!!!

Thank you!

Ashley Ladd said...

A new super hero! Soon you'll be a star.

BTW, I tagged you on my blog today.

Giggle! said...

Ronnie - *GiGGLeS* Thank you!!! Glad you liked it!

haha oh, I couldn't NOT include nite! :-) xx

Ash - heeheee thank you... I'll be right over! :-) xx

Emma said...

This is brilliant giggles, you are wonderful babe...xx

Giggle! said...

Emma - Thank you soooo much! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

well I have pinched one but you will have to come by later to see which one ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

Would it be in poor taste for me to wear a T-shirt that said "I loved me"? C:Pfffft

Vi said...

i'll have a kiethy shirt in black thanks. Lets just hope it fits over my breasts! Keithy would like that!

Ashley Ladd said...

Good promo idea and sooooooo cute. Let me see which one will post in my sidebar. You're just soooooo creative.

Giggle! said...

Lady - *GiGGLeS* With pleasure!!! :-) xx

Dr. C:) - Oh heck no!!! :-) DO IT DO IT DO IT!!! :-P xx

AUnty Vi - LMAO! I think you are Keithys new best friend! But it's pk, one size fits all! :-) xx

Ash - *GiGGLeS* I need to get a life don't I! *blushes* :-P xx

Thanks for shopping! Please come again! :-) xx

Lady in red said...

glad you aprove of my style of clothing it comes from a very exclusive outlet you can only get this range online curtesy of

Giggle! said...